Gulu mayor faulted for frustrating the implementation of the Alcohol ordinance.

Impounded Sachets of Waragi being burned at Laroo dumping site in February this year.

Acholi religious leaders Initiative[ARLPI]  led by Acholi district Khadi Sheik Musa Khelil today stormed the Office of the mayor of Gulu municipality Mr. George labeja demanding to know why he has failed to send his enforcement officers to implement the Gulu district Alcohol ordinance.

Sheilk Musa Khelil noted that there is a definite lack of coordination between the Office of the Mayor, the Local Government Officials and Police which has led to slow down in the implementation of the Gulu district Alcohol ordinance.

The religious leaders also argue that the mayor has failed to provide 16 of his  enforcement Officers in the divisions  to implement the ordinance saying that the police can do it adding that the mayor was also recently  Reported in the Mediafor trying to sabotage the implementation of the ordinance by stopping the operation of the implementing officers.

When contacted however, Gulu Mayor George labeja  refuted the allegation saying that the implementation of the alcohol ordinance is not being well implemented   because it is only targeting a few traders in town reiterating that the enforcement Officers are available and they only need to be notified early so that they can arrange and join in with the Police to implement the ordinance.

The Mayor further said that there is need to sensitize the business people so that they can be well aware of the ordinance adding that he will convene a meeting with the religious leaders, Business community and the Police to try to forge a way forward in a better implementation of the law.

Gulu’s alcoholic drinks Control Ordinance is the result of a movement of different religious and community groups, working together with Gulu District to pass a law to protect Gulu’s citizens from the harms of alcohol. The law, which bans alcohol in plastic sachets and plastic bottles, was approved by the Attorney General in October 2016, and publically launched in Gulu in November


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